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Obama’s Inaugural Address: Women’s Rights, Gay Rights, Immigration

President Barack Obama was inaugurated yesterday to his second term in office. Besides his dig at Paul Ryan, nothing attracted more attention than his couple of minutes on civil rights. The portion of the speech dealing with civil right starts at 13:46.

President Obama was able to phrase the discussion on several issues: women’s rights, gay rights, and immigration based on the founding documents. In any American Government course, this point is particularly important. While these subaction showcomments propecia smile older issues are controversial and elicit many different opinions, the disagreement harkens back to the interpretation of the Founder’s words. As a nation, the discussion should center on the role the federal government plays in defending (or not defending) these rights. Regardless of one’s opinion, Obama maintained that now this the time for decision, regardless of the contours of what that decision may be.

Also, one of the greatest things to come out of yesterday’s festivities: